chops, props and Gilligan’s Island

Conversations of 4 people crammed in a truck: (while my van was getting a new transmission)

Me: PinkGirl! We’re early today! Good job getting ready!

FavoriteSon: Still later than I wanted to leave.

Me: hey. Give your sister some chops.

FavoriteSon: Props.

Me: Really? Thought it was chops, what does props mean?

FavoriteSon: I don’t know.

I look at FirstHusband

FirstHusband: I don’t know either.

Me: YOU don’t know? You know all kinds of useless information. It isn’t buried in there somewhere along with the theme songs to Gilligan’s Island and the Brady Bunch?

FirstHusband: Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale, A tale of a fateful trip…

A little Google search later reveals props stands for “proper respect.” That makes sense. Unlike “give chops.” Or the premise behind Gilligan’s Island for that matter. A three hour tour? really? They took a LOT of stuff on that tiny little boat for just three hours. It’s a wonder it didn’t sink.

3 thoughts on “chops, props and Gilligan’s Island

    1. Heidi – I am finally feeling better, but I cannot tell a lie. That conversation happened last week and has been cooling its heels in my drafts. I posted it today because I was too wiped to come up with anything new. (by JSM)

  1. “Chops” to you for being honest. I’ll call you later today, I need a favor. Nothing to do with pet-sitting. 🙂

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