there’s no coming back from this.

NOOOOO! FirstHusband taught FavoriteSon how to make Ramen Noodles!!!

800mg of sodium a serving! It’s WRONG. wrong, I tell you!

It’s like a drug dealer – giving an unsuspecting innocent child a “free sample.”

It’s like Microsoft in the 80s – giving schools free copies of MS Office.

It’s like giving someone a single Lays potato chip.

I was coerced into trying them – about three noodles. That should do me. For life.

(I’ve been told they make a low sodium version, it’s my only hope.)

2 thoughts on “there’s no coming back from this.

  1. There’s actually no proof that to much sodium is bad for you unless you have high blood pressure. This whole “lower sodium” bandwagon is just the latest fad, like the low-fat thing and then the low-carb thing.

    1. Tina – I wish we were among the lucky ones! High blood pressure runs in the family on both sides. I don’t suffer from it, but if I consume a teaspoon of soy sauce, I retain a gallon of water. Makes my eyes very tiny and my wedding rings too tight. It’s not pretty. (by JSM)

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