pragmatic idioms

I find myself saying certain things that, in the future, when they are adults, I’m sure my kids will remember and make fun of. My own personal idioms. Keep in mind that these phrases are spoken in a lighthearted, casual tone. I’m not angry or snippy when I say this stuff (okay – MOST of the time.) So. Here’s stuff I say a LOT.

“Yo. Pretend I’m your mother and that you respect me.” (When I’ve asked a kid to do something one too many times.)

“Is that working for you? Cause it’s not really working for me.” (In the middle of a tantrum.)

“Handle it differently, please.” (most recently, this is being said to PinkGirl when her first response is to yell at someone – usually her brother – when she perceives herself a victim of something “unfair.” Also said to FavoriteSon when he reacts to the yelling.)

“It’s not grace when you give it that way.” (Said when someone makes a “sacrifice” or “compromise” for another, but in the process, makes sure everyone knows how put out they are by doing it.)

“Solve your problem.” (In response to whining, complaining or having a fit.)

“What do you git, when you have a fit?” (answer? “nothin.”)

“Will you be complaining all day?” (Self-evident. I asked PinkGirl this question yesterday and she flippantly replied, “Pretty much.” I am so proud!)

“Don’t eat it.” (Deadpan response when a kid – ANY kid, says they see something yucky or gross. OFTEN said when a kid says they see a bug or lizard, but also when they say the see dog poop, rotten food in a forgotten lunch box, a cat hairball . . . you get the idea.)

“Are you done yet? How bout now? Now? What about now?” (This one is just fun. It can be used in the middle of a tantrum, when a kid is complaining about something or even when they are just thinking about something.)

“Leave no trace.” (Picked this one up from cub scouts. I say it when I see a kid’s stuff – aka “path of destruction” – dumped in the common living areas.)

“Isn’t it annoying that you had to stop (playing/watching tv/doing something fun) and come back and (do that/pick that up/put that away)? If you had (done it/picked it up/put it away) before, you wouldn’t have to do it now. You could still be (playing/watching tv/doing something fun).” (oh. they are getting TIRED of this one.)

“Good enough isn’t good enough.” (I rarely finish this sentence. I usually say, “Good enough . . . ” and the kids finish it in that “alright, already” tone of voice, while rolling their eyes.)

“Sometimes it’s not enough to do your best, sometimes you have to do what’s required.” (Got this one from Winston Churchill.)

Mom, can I . . . (something ridiculous – or ridiculously expensive)? “Yes” “REALLY?” “No.” (PinkGirl recently asked me if I would buy her the Barbie Mariposa doll. I said “Yes” and she looked at me and said. “I’m not fallin for it.”)

This was fun! I may make a page and keep adding to this.

What about you? What will your children remember and imitate when they are grown, sitting around the Thanksgiving table, doing the “do you remember . . . ” thing? What will they say to their kids? What do you remember hearing from your parents – over and over and over . . . ?”

If you have more than a comment’s worth of examples and happen to write a post on your own personal idioms, include a link to your post in a comment here! I know I would love to read it! I might even discover some new things to repeatedly say to my kids.