whining woman say what?

Anemia? What? Are you sure? Iron supplement for two months? TWO months?

I don’t wanna. (in a big baby whining voice.)

I’m just going to sit down for a minute.

I’m wiped out. I’m going to bed. (at 9:00 p.m. on Friday night)

Wait, what’s that on my leg? And another one on my arm? How did I get BRUISES?


I took my first iron pill yesterday. Why don’t I feel better yet?

How long is this going to take? I need to finish painting the bedroom and the lawn needs mowed.

DO NOT TAKE (wow, all caps even) within one hour before or two hours after antacids, eggs, whole grain breads or cereal, milk, milk products, coffee or tea.

COFFEE? Seriously. COFFEE?

AND I can’t take the iron within two hours of taking Nexium!

When am I supposed to take this stupid thing then? (again with the big baby whining voice.)

Stupid Nexium probably caused this.

Stupid fibroids probably caused this.

Stupid weight training probably caused this.

Well, this is . . . a pain, annoying, inconvenient, ridiculous . . . stupid.

I don’t WANT to play anemia. This game is stupid.

I’m going over to read Elle’s post again.

And I’m going to paint the bedroom. It’s just going to take a little longer to finish, that’s all. Hey, FavoriteSon! Mow the grass please!

Thank you God, that blogging doesn’t require physical exertion.