teenager school lunch

What is FavoriteSon’s favorite school lunch these days?

Cold pizza.

The “take and bake” Walmart pizzas for $8.00 are an easy way to go on this one. We bake the pizza on Sunday, cut it up into 10 pieces and FavoriteSon packs 2 slices in his lunch every day. Of course, since he’s 13, that’s not ALL he takes for lunch, but it’s a good start.

This week, he talked me into taking him (and his sister) to American Pie for dinner while FirstHusband was on travel, so he’s eating Amercian Pie leftovers for the next few days. That wasn’t $8.00.

Posting this tip was FavoriteSon’s idea. Good job, bud.

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5 thoughts on “teenager school lunch

  1. He likes his pizza cold? *shudder* Cold pizza is so not my thing, but my schools had microwaves so I took leftovers to lunch almost every day. You save a ton of money doing that and you waste a lot less food too! In fact, I still do it…

    ames – Yes, there’s a row of microwaves along the wall in the lunchroom. He likes his pizza cold. weird. (by JSM)

  2. You’re a cool mom, I wish my mom would have done this when I was in jr. high/high school! There’s not many foods I like more than pizza, and I think of cold pizza as a “bonus” food. I love it cold, but it’s a totally different experience than a hot, melty slice of pizza!

  3. I’ll have to ask my son if he likes cold pizza. He buys lunch at school (it’s cheap enough) but for work he only gets a 15-minute break. He tells me he buys slim jims and candy. Nice, huh? He’s 18, what can I do? But if I could send pizza with him, and he didn’t even have to take the time to cook it, that would be great!

  4. Hi Julie! My son has been buying pizza every single day since school started. This is a great tip! I am so going to buy the pizza in advance and make him take it, now getting him a place to heat it up will be interesting…..he should just put it out on the AZ sidewalk, it’s still 102 here. : (

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