It’s Super Bubble Bubble Gum Season. It falls between Halloween and Thanksgiving every year.

What? You don’t observe it? Then . . . can I have your Super Bubble?

I can stop any time I want.

5 thoughts on “mine.

  1. Oh that makes my jaw hurt looking at it, but I like it too. That’s one huge pile! My girl just got a couple.

    Linda – PinkGirl didn’t bring it home. Somehow, these were the only giveaway leftovers we had. Curious. (by JSM)

  2. When I was kid & brought home my halloween candy my mother went through and took out all of the gum and threw it all away. Then she took all of the snickers bars and saved those for herself LOL I wasn’t allowed gum ever. It was a ritual for me that I’d eat the first piece of that Super Bubble gum that I got on Halloween night and blow bubbles and smack my gum the whole time – until I got home, then I was gum free!

    You enjoy your holiday!

    Kristin – I can’t imagine a childhood without Super Bubble. Sad. Very Sad. BTW, “the whole time” for me means about 10 minutes. Then the flavor is gone and I need a new piece. I once bought a 300 piece bucket at Sams Club. After three days, my jaw was KILLING me. (by JSM)

  3. I shudder to think of how many fun size candy bars I’ve actually eaten in the last three days. Only one piece of gum, though. Chocolate is my downfall!

  4. There is just something yummy about taking a bite of the hard gum and stretching it. The stretched part just tastes so much better. LOL

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