my new BFF.

That would be Jody at Infinite Health.


Earlier today, the right side of my trapezius muscle felt like someone was holding a match to it. Burning pain. Not a happy day. The numbness and tingling in my arm were gone, but this was obviously some kind of sick side effect from the traction and the hanging upside down. I’m thinking the bones are slowly moving back to their correct address, but the muscles are slow to catch up.

Since taking a muscle relaxant in the middle of the day today would have totally messed up Little Red Riding Hood‘s Halloween, I called Infinite Health to ask about medical massage. Long story short, I got an appointment less than 30 minutes later. I called my doctor’s office, which was closed for lunch and left a message asking them to please, please, pretty please fax a prescription for massage therapy to Infinite Health before the massage appointment was over. I was willing to pay for the massage no matter what, I’m telling you. But when I came out, the fax was waiting. My Doc is the BEST. I actually did have to pay up front, but we’ll see what the insurance company does. Infinite Health is listed as a provider, along with my new BFF, Jody. Even better? After we deciphered my Doc’s handwriting, do you know what the prescription said?

“Massage Therapy 2x week for 1 month.”

I can do the math on that one baby! EIGHT massages in ONE Month? Now I just need the insurance company to approve it. (oh please, oh please, oh please, oh please.)

I came home and drank LOTS of water to supposedly “flush” out the toxins (lactic acid). Admittedly, there’s controversy about whether this is beneficial, but how can it hurt to drink lots of water? Then I sat in my sauna to sweat it out. Drank more water and went in again.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my dry sauna. I got it on eBay years ago, when I was working full time and had disposable income. Someone went to a home show and won it, didn’t want it and I snapped it up. It’s my own little 4×6 foot cedar box of paradise.

So in case you’re keeping track:

One ruptured disc


muscle relaxants
cervical traction
inversion table
massage therapy
gallons of water
dry sauna
strength training

I am competitive. I will win. Ruptured disc. pshh.

4 thoughts on “my new BFF.

  1. I managed to get in two massages, one an hour long and the other only 15 minutes, within 4 weeks. The second one was so amazing because I hadn’t yet formed those shoulder knots yet.

    I sure hope your insurance approves it! So worth it!!

    Tina – I can NOT imagine a world in which I could get a massage and not have any knots to work out. That would be a wonderful, wonderful world. (by JSM)

  2. I obviously should have traveled to your neck of the woods (pun intentional) to receive physical care for my own ruptured disc. Very glad to read that improvement is occurring in addition to or because of prescribed massages. I do not wish the surgery option upon anyone if another road can be well traveled. Thanks for keeping us updated.

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