a little commotion

I’ve been lax over at Pragmatic Commotion, but I’ve put up a few posts in the last few days:

549 out of 200

hiccupy tears & Despereaux

It’s funny but each post very clearly represents where we are in our parenting stages with each child.

I like my kids. They make me smile.

1. I hated Despereaux – the book – haven’t seen the movie. Hated it. Skipped parts.
2. Any teenage texting/cell phone rule suggestions other than the ones in the Commotion post?

One thought on “a little commotion

  1. I didn’t read the Despereaux book, but the movie was not great. There were several parts (which could have been similar to the parts that you skipped reading) that I could have done without in the movie. They sort of left me with a “What the heck was the point of that??” feeling.

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