I had a massage Thursday.

Picture it. A dimly lit room. The sound of water. Soft instrumental music. Candles flickering. The soft smell of eucalyptus floating in the air. The massage therapist discovers the steel cord in my shoulder and begins to transform it back to human muscle.

Then, she says: “Did you hear about that guy over in Deltona?”

Me: “oh, no, don’t tell me any bad news, especially if it involves children.”

Her: “No, it’s nothing about kids. This guy murdered this other guy and then shot a police officer in the face.”

Good feelings gone. (From a Disney movie. Who said it? )

I spent the next hour changing the subject to more positive things. Over and over and over. Seriously. She’s had some fairly negative things to say in previous sessions, but this time, she complained every time she opened her mouth. Nothing good to say about anyone or anything. Everyone is stupid and a pain in the butt, from her ex-husband, to her son, to her boyfriend, to the vitamin sales rep . . . she even had vulgar things to say about Muscadine grapes after I changed the subject to fruit in a final and desperate attempt to keep things positive. I thought talking about fruit was safe, noting all the great fruit in season right now. She picked one to complain about and called it a shXXbag. And that isn’t the only curse word she tossed around. Seriously? How can a massage therapist not make the connection that continuous negative conversation doesn’t compliment a massage?

What is the deal? She has worked miracles on my shoulder over the last few months. Was she just having a bad day? Has she just become too familiar with me? And if so, has she not paid attention to the fact that I don’t use foul language? Or say mean things about people? I don’t want to know what she had to say about me after I left.

I’m taking a break from massage. I don’t know if I’ll go back to her. She does good work, but the experience is not positive. I spend the time and quite a bit of focused energy pointing out good things in life. Not restorative. Emotionally draining.

I went to an open house for this spa two weeks ago and got a free twenty minute acupuncture session. Interesting. I’ve got a number of health issues which could supposedly be treated with acupuncture, from reflux to eczema, not to mention the arthritis in my neck. I’ve had craniosacral massage before and it was actually very effective in relieving pain, so although I don’t understand it, I know it worked. I figure it’s time to find out whether acupuncture will work for me. Tomorrow I go for my first full session and I’m thinking I’ll try it out through my surgery date.

As usual, looking for information. Anyone have acupuncture treatments? Thoughts? Advice?

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5 thoughts on “Chi?

  1. I have never had a massage, I’m kind of weird about people touching me like that and haven’t gotten up enough nerve to get a massage. However, I always assumed that the masseuse didn’t speak. I thought it was a quiet, tranquil environment. I would NOT go back. I wouldn’t go back if it were my hairdresser either.

    Positive speak heals the body. Bringing negativity and foul language into your session probably didn’t do you any favors. I’m sorry she couldn’t take the hint. Sheesh.

  2. Never had a massage, but have had a massaging facial, and atmosphere is *everything*. Does she work for a salon, clinic, or other group? If so, you may want to let them now why you won’t be back. Who knows – you might get some other free service out of it!

    I’ve never had acupuncture, but I wouldn’t be opposed to trying it. My grandmother, who is/was an RN, performed raiki and swore by it. I think there is a lot to the concept of “healing energy” and “life forces”. Modern science knows a lot, but there is lots left to learn.

    And, sorry to say, I did NOT get the Disney reference. I had to google it. Must be time to re-watch me a fish movie!! (-:

  3. I’ve been curious about acupuncture, but I don’t have any advice to offer, except perhaps finding a new massage therapist! I will be interested to hear about your experience.

  4. Never had acupuncture, so I’ll be interested to see how you make out with it.

    I haven’t had too many massages in my life–maybe 4–but in every case, the therapist didn’t talk unless I indicated I wanted to. I didn’t.

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