H-Day: April 30th.

That would be the date for what I’m hoping is the final “ectomy” in my life. I’ve had a myomectomy and a polypectomy to remove my pesky fibroid tumors in the past but they always come back.

I’m finally taking away their home forever.

I’m impressed with how fast this is happening. I made the decision in late January and just a few short months later . . .

I banked a unit of my blood on Friday afternoon! That’s a big deal because of my low iron. I passed my iron test and I didn’t even study for it. My doctor is very conservative and wanted me to bank two units of my own blood just in case. I’ve done it for my past surgeries and ended up not needing to use it, so hopefully the same will be true for this surgery. (FYI – Donating your own blood for later use is called autologous donation, just in case you ever need to know.)

This time, I had to work a little to stop the bleeding. I’ve never had that happen before. I had to use ice and extended pressure and today my arm looks pretty bad. I guess from where the blood kinda backed up under my skin? It’s a big, oblong, purple/yellow bruise, a little over 3 inches from one end to the other. I’ll spare you the photo, it’s not pretty.

I’m seriously wiped out today. I did an hour of strength training and it was a LONG hour. I was definitely weaker than normal. It took some determination to get through the hour without wimping out. I recently read another blogger say she was able to hold a plank for two minutes and I was freakishly and competitively driven inspired to do the same. I was able to do a minute forty Friday morning and I was hoping to make it to two minutes today. yeah . . . no. A minute forty five. I’m supposed to do strength training again tomorrow. I’ll try again. I started sublingual B-12 supplements today so hopefully that will help.

I have 5 more appointments/tests before the big day, including a complete cardio workup.

I can’t wait for the other side of this surgery. No more fatigue. No more low iron. No more feminine hygiene products. EVER.

I should do a giveaway. Or a bonfire.

4 thoughts on “H-Day: April 30th.

  1. No more feminine hygiene products? Oh, I’m jealous! God and I, we’re gonna have a little talk when I get up there about the inefficiencies of the natural human female reproductive system. If I only wanted TWO babies, why do I need to have, oh, 450+ periods (14 a year for me less pregnancies, nursing, etc…)?!?! Totally inefficient and a big waste of time. I seriously do NOT see how that works into His big plan.

    Debbie – bwaaahaahaahaa! (by JSM)

  2. Prayers to you on your surgery and recovery. I didn’t have mine for about 15 years, now that I have it back I’m happier because that means I’m healthier. But if it helps keep you healthier, then that’s the road you should be on! Congrats.

  3. Yeah, if your body won’t let you wait til menopause, that’s the way to go! I never had any problems, but I am SO glad to be done with periods. There was a reason the older ladies called them “the curse.” I never bought the whole “You’re a woman now” cow dung.

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