I feel like I’ve been to a theme park.

But no, just a little field trip. My first post-op appointment with the plastic surgeon was today. Percoset aside, I am going to sleep GREAT tonight. My post-op with the GYN doc is supposed to be next week. Hopefully, a field trip won’t take so much out of me by then. After hearing the news that the cysts were all benign, the GYN appointment will be very anti-climactic.

Here’s the latest:

One drain removed!!!! THANK YOU GOD! I HATE the drains. My doctor placed one running from the upper left side of my incision to the upper right side and a second drain running from the lower right side of my incision to the lower left side. The upper drain (the one exiting on my right side) had stopped producing any fluid so it was removed today! And again – THANK YOU GOD! I HATE the drains. The (lower) left drain is still going strong, so I have an appointment a week from today to remove it – UNLESS. Unless it slows to less than 30ml per day for two days in a row. If that happens, I can call the doctor’s office and come in earlier to remove the left drain. Oh, please, oh, please, oh, please!!!!

The steri-strips removed. Owwwww. Pulling tape or adhesive bandages off of skin is one thing. Pulling tape off of stitches is quite another. Owwwww. Especially since the doc and the nurse were double teaming me, each on one side. AND they didn’t tell me what they were going to do! One second they were “looking” and the next . . . DANG! Give a girl a head’s up will ya?

Stitches removed. The stitches around the right drain – gone. The stitches around my belly button – gone. The stitches around the lipo points – gone. All knots on the main incision – gone. Felt like tweezing. Not painful, just not my favorite Friday afternoon pastime.

Percoset prescription refilled. Have I mentioned I love my Percoset? It keeps me walking. Doc still prefers no ibruprophen or naproxin due to blood thinning and healing, so still no driving while on the Percoset. That’s okay, getting into the van today wasn’t all that smooth anyway.

In other news, FavoriteSon twisted his ankle at spring football practice yesterday. We did the ice/heat/ibuprofen thing last night and FirstHusband took him to the doctor this afternoon to check it out while following up on his allergy stuff. Doc sent them to get x-rays and the radiologist said there’s no break. Doc says no activity, so he won’t be playing at his basketball game tomorrow. He needs to heal before Saturday May 16th because he’s running in the middle school STATE track meet! He placed 2nd and 3rd in his races at district – the only middle school student from his school to go to district (and now to state). He runs the 100m, the 200m and the 400m. That’s what a lifetime of idiopathic toe walking will get you – a very FAST kid. As his football coach said, “You can’t teach fast.” (Can you tell I’m slightly proud?)

My ladies circle brought dinner tonight and FirstHusband and I had salad before FavoriteSon called for his ride home from basketball practice (he just watched). Then PinkGirl needs picked up from a birthday party at 7:30 p.m. FirstHusband made four round trips to school yesterday. I think he’s empathizing with me this week. He said he has a new understanding of this “mom chauffeur thing.” It’s always good when your man finds your work schedule annoying when he has to assume it. Mmm hmm. Yes it is.

The best news today? Instead of flowers (which would be eaten and then soon vomited by our cats), my in-laws asked FirstHusband to come up with something else. He picked a chair massage. Isn’t he the BEST? Aren’t my in-laws the BEST? When you read all read this – Thank you SO much!

2 thoughts on “I feel like I’ve been to a theme park.

  1. I can’t believe you said “dang” – 🙂

    Glad you are on the mend and that many annoying things have now been removed from your body and will no longer be able to pester you.

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