Dude, where’s my car?

FirstHusband took my car. Because he knows I can’t physically climb into his truck, a Ford F250. Or drive it in my condition. Not that I was going anywhere. But, without a car, I CAN’T go anywhere.

He’s so bossy.

I’m trapped.

I’m bored. I did work yesterday for a couple of hours. Client training on the internet.

But, now I’m bored again.

I am reading a lot. I’m presenting the program to my ladies circle on Thursday morning. (Yes. Someone is giving me a ride.) I’m still reading and learning about suffering vs. a loving God, so I’m organizing what I’m learning and presenting some of it. Looking forward to the discussion and feedback. Always lots of food for thought from these ladies.

I’m reading the chapters on suffering in:

Lee Strobel’s The Case for Faith: A Journalist Investigates the Toughest Objections to Christianity,
Bringing Your Faith to Work: Answers for Break-Room Skeptics by Geisler and Douglass

and the books

Dark Threads the Weaver Needs – The Problem of Human Suffering by Herbert Lockyer and
Where Is God When It Hurts? by Philip Yancy.

I’m also going to be looking at Spectacular Sins: And Their Global Purpose in the Glory of Christ by John Piper and The Problem of Pain by C.S. Lewis. Any more recommendations on the paradox of pain and suffering vs. a loving God?

So I’m reading and learning a lot.

But when I’m not doing that, I’m still bored.

And slow. I’m walking w a y too slow. I’m so slow, I irritate myself.

Can you tell I’m bored?

Watchin a LOT of Niecy Nash on Clean House. What kind of bra does she wear? Seriously. I need the make and model of that bra. My “girls” don’t compare to Niecy’s, but that bra is FABULOUS, as Niecy would say.

I told you I was bored.

6 thoughts on “Dude, where’s my car?

  1. my wife HATES being stuck without a car, even when I drop her off at the restaurant to get us an early table. Now I think I better understand why

  2. Okay, you may be bored, but you’re not boring. Thanks for the chuckling reminder of those days after surgery. I did get more accomplished those days than I have since–in books read, curriculum planned and written, topics researched, ideas hatched. My body was out of it, but my mind was not. Neither is yours. Rock on, girlfriend, rock on.

  3. I was wondering about that! I thought you couldn’t possibly be back to yourself that quickly!

    Anytime you need a break from the boredom, you know where to find me. I’ll even drive you around the block for a scenic tour if you want. 😉

  4. Wacoal Awareness Bra. BEST BRA EVER. Seriously. When I got professionally fitted at Nordstrom’s a few years ago (so worth it!), I went down a band size and up two cup sizes. And then I bought a GOOD bra. I bought the first two for full price there, but then started getting them on ebay (new without tags) for much less.

    Here’s an example:

    Tina – THANK YOU! I HATE starting over on any product – make-up after discontinuation is a big frustration and replacing my cross training shoes last year was a struggle, but bra shopping is THE worst for me. I had lost some weight since January and my bras weren’t fitting right, but I was determined to wait till after surgery to find a new one because I knew the surgery would result in more weight loss (so far, 11 or 12 pounds). I hate starting out with no ideas, so I am very thankful for referrals!

    I did get fitted at Victoria’s Secret a few years (and pounds) ago. I was NOT wearing the right band or cup size either. I did the same as you. Bought a “good” (and expensive) bra from them first and then found them on eBay later. (by JSM)

  5. I pressed submit before I meant to!

    If you are feeling bored, that’s actually a good sign! Your body is healing and your mind is with it. Maybe rent some movies (Netflix delivers) or watch Hulu.com and catch up on some old programs like Rocky and Bullwinkle or Adam 12!

    And that’s one smart husband! ;-D

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