that white thing you stand on.

I’m back to consistent strength training after 6 weeks of fitting in a little here and a little there while I was on a short lived, intense work schedule. I’d been doing push ups, crunches, supermans and planks, BUT. I neglected the legs and triceps. Monday, I did 15 lunges each leg and almost didn’t come back up. Then, when I took a step immediately after, both my quads completely cramped up!! Ouch. That has NEVER happened before. I know, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! I did. A LOT. I could barely move on Tuesday. Walking up the bleachers at FavoriteSon’s basketball game was torture. I made this little wimpering sound after every step.

Pitiful, I know.

Today I worked arms, especially triceps. Tomorrow? I won’t be able to lift a pencil without wimpering.

I also got Wii Fit Plus for Christmas and, after going through initial “testing” I was informed I had the body of a 64 year old!!!! I SOOOOO did that test again. The second time? I have the body of a 40 year old. I also weighed a different amount the second time. And the balance requirement/recommendation is TOTALLY wrong. According to that white thing I stand on, my balance was off, I’m supposed to lean forward more. Seriously. No. Some of us GIRLS should definitely be leaning a little farther back for proper weight distribution, if you know what I mean.

After the testing, I hadn’t gotten near the game again due to the Wii hogs who live in this house with me. My “me” was actually SLEEPING. All the “me” characters for the family are jumping up and down, excited. And my little me?


Finally, tonight, with FirstHusband out of the house, FavoriteSon involved in homework and PinkGirl in the shower, I tried it out. After being chastised for missing 6 days of workouts by a cartoon character with Alvin the chipmunk’s voice, I spent a good half hour trying different activities/exercises.

My opinion after just a half hour or so? Wii Fit Plus is fun and challenging. Balance, Yoga, Strength Training and Aerobics. Since I spent an hour doing strength training with my personal trainer less than two hours before, I was a little shaky. I knew this, but just in case I was confused or deluding myself, my little cartoon character trainer flat out told me. How helpful.

If I do well and “unlock” stuff, will there be a black marker available so I can draw a mustache on her face?

One thing I DIDN’T do well? When I was supposed to sit perfectly still, cross legged on the white thing and stare at a candle to . . . I don’t know . . . be calm? Is it biofeedback? Just to relax? anyway. I was doing GREAT. Not moving AT all. Just breathing.

Then the cat stuck her nose under my hand and pushed me to get my attention. I lost.

I also got Jillian Michaels 2010 wii game. Haven’t broken the shrink wrap on that one yet, so no opinion on that. Anyone else try it?

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  1. Well, that little video was so funny! I especially liked the line – It looks good with anything from IKEA lol

    I have have been upping my exercise quite a bit, but no where near what you’ve been doing. I hope you enjoy being talked to by Alvin, because it sounds like it’s an interesting way to spend some time and get some exercise.

    Kristin – The Goat

  2. I decided, not resolved because that would uber commitment, to re-start my exercise. The chronic back fatigue is begging for more than on again off again core strength. So, I’m DVRing Fit TV episodes and asked Husband to put the treadmill back down for me.

    I considered the Wii Fit but am not convinced I’ll use it. Promise to update us as to how you see its consistency playing out in the practical? And in the meantime, thanks for the initial review.

    But, it’s to the “old-fashioned” methods for me right now.

  3. We got a Wii for Christmas and I have been pondering the Wii Fit. You’ll have to keep us updated on how you like it the more you do. Since the holidays are over I’ve been slowly getting back into the swing of things (I lost 15 between Sept. and Dec., and haven’t gained any back over the holidays – yippee!) and would love to add this if it something decent I can do indoors while Luna sleeps.

  4. Oh that’s funny! We have the Wii fit too and no something called Active Plus which I like pretty well. I use that stuff for when I don’t make it to the gym. It’s fun anyway! LOL.
    Happy Friday.
    P.s. My Mii is snoring too right now! LOL!

  5. I am fairly certain the trainer from heck/Marketing juggernaut who is Jillian Michaels has designed her Wii game to kick your Mii patoot. I am scared to get a Wii because I know I will fritter my life away with it playing games. That is my story and I am sticking to it.

  6. We have a Wii fit, courtesy of my mother in law. No, no, she didn’t give it to ME (in which case I might consider being seriously offended though it would in fact be an appropriate gift); she gave it to the boys because they enjoyed running and such on it at her house. Not so much here at home. Maybe I’ll break it out myself. Maybe…

  7. I’m truly impressed with your weight training! You have a plan, know what your goals are and what you are talking about. And you’re funny too. You’ve got it all!

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