pragmatic tips?

Perusing the book 1,628 Country Shortcuts. I have so many mixed feelings:

1. yeah . . . I don’t think so.
2. hmmm. I might just try that.
3. Hey, I already do that!
4. City girl say WHAT?
5. uh huh. I’ll get right on that.
and finally,
6. What the heck is rhubarb?

Here’s what I mean:

1. yeah . . . I don’t think so. Here’s an idea I will never feel compelled to try:

“To ensure great moisture and texture in a chocolate cake, add a can of sauerkraut (well drained) to your mix.”

Sauerkraut in chocolate cake? This is just wrong.

2. hmmm. I might just try that.

“Try this twist on grilled cheese sandwiches. Rather than buttering the outside of the bread, use mayonnaise (not salad dressing). It gives the sandwich a different texture and makes it less greasy.”

Anyone ever try this one? I only have Smart Balance mayo in the house. I wonder if that has enough fat in it. hmmm.

3. Hey, I already do that! This one actually works:

“To clean your microwave, place a wet paper towel in the oven and microwave for 4 minutes. The oven will easily wipe clean with the towel after a minute or two.”

Just BE CAREFUL because the paper towel is HOT. Let it sit for that “minute or two.” Although I use more than one paper towel and I only nuke it for a minute or two. Four minutes seems like overkill. I’m thinking microwaves are more powerful than when this book was published in . . . let me check . . . 1995? Really? 1995? Some of these ideas seem MUCH more dated than that.

4. City girl say WHAT?

“Anyone who has ever run after chickens and ducks out in the yard knows they’re not easy to corner. I finally bought a big fishing net. No more wild chases!”

I can just picture me chasing chickens in my yard with a giant fishing net. Not.

5. uh huh. I’ll get right on that.

“Slipcover a yardstick with fabric and use for cleaning hard-to-reach places, particularly underneath appliances. Then just remove the fabric to wash or shake out the dust.”

bwahahahaha!!! Me. Clean under the refrigerator. bwahahahaha!!!

6. What the heck is rhubarb?

“To take out any “bitter” taste in rhubarb before using it, cover it with boiling water, put lid on pan and let stand for 30 to 60 minutes.”

Good to know. In case I ever buy rhubarb. And cook it before it goes bad in the fridge. If I’m even supposed to store in the fridge. Which I’m probably not. Not that I know this. I’m Googling rhubarb now.

Got any “pragmatic tips” to share? Anything that might fall into one of my six categories? Link up or comment!

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2 thoughts on “pragmatic tips?

  1. I’ve done #2. TallHusband’s gramma (from Mississippi) used mayo on grilled cheese. She, however, did it because she couldn’t eat butter. As a child she ate an ENTIRE BOX of butter. She got so sick she never touched the stuff again – that’s 75 years since the incident!

    But I digress… I find that I LOVE the taste of mayo-cooked grilled cheese, but I can not agree that it is less greasy. It seems equally greasy to me, but I was using regular mayo, not Smart Balance. Maybe that would make a difference!

    Amy – I’m so glad to know someone has tried this! I’m going to sneak it in on the kids the next time we have soup-n-sandwich night. I’ll be using Smart Balance, so I’ll make sure I have enough bread to redo in case the mayo-grilled cheese are rejected by picky eaters. p.s. an entire box of butter? yuck! I can believe that experience stayed with her! (by JSM)

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