conversations with the kids.

I’ve got two new posts up over at Commotion, but I thought I’d save readers the click. Here they are:

3rd grade cooties.

PinkGirl: Me and BFFN like the same boy.

Mom and Dad together: ehhhh . . .

Dad: That’s not good.

PinkGirl: No, it’s okay, me and BFFN are best friends so we’re just going to talk about him and pretend we hate him, like we always do.

Mom and Dad share a look and a grin over her oblivious head. Well, okay, then. As long as she has a plan.

and then with 14 year old FavoriteSon:

the chance to be an idiot WILL present itself.

Me: “FavoriteSon, I’m kinda concerned about the idea that you would go away to college without a transition period after going to a small, private Christian school your entire life.”

FavoriteSon: “I’ll be fine.” (with the “rolling eyes at mom” tone of voice)

Me: You don’t know that. The change from living at home and being in a sheltered environment to living on your own and in an environment without much outside accountability will be a huge change for you. Some kids don’t handle their new freedom very well.

FavoriteSon: “I’ll be fine.” (more “rolling eyes” tone of voice)

Me: “Yeah, well, you haven’t been in a situation where you’ve had a chance to be an idiot yet.”

“I’ve had plenty of chances to be an idiot, I promise you.”

Me: “True. But I mean with cars. And girls.”

Without skipping a beat –

FavoriteSon: “I promise I won’t drive a car into a girl’s house. (pause) While she’s home.”

Then the grin. I love the grin.

One thought on “conversations with the kids.

  1. Just how old IS FS anyway? Is he going to college next year?

    Tina – No, he’s 14, a freshman in high school and getting his learner’s permit this summer. His school is really pushing college prep. I’m just realizing how little time we have to mold the boy till he leaves home. He also needs to learn to cook (using the stove and oven and not just the microwave) and take complete ownership of his laundry, among other things. We had talked about him going to public high school to get more exposure to a bigger world while still living at home, but he really wants to stay at his school. (by JSM)

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