1/8 cup of chocolate syrup helps the vitamin c and potassium go down.

It’s sometimes a daily challenge to get my kids to eat fruit. In my house, when a kid stands in front of the fridge with the door open, this is my “go to” snack. If I offer this up before they head over to the pantry, they don’t have time to choose carbs over fruit.

Sugar-free chocolate syrup (we don’t have problems with artificial sweeteners)
Banana sliced with my favorite banana slicer and
Strawberries (DO NOT use the banana slicer on the strawberries or you’ll need a new banana slicer)

This never fails to disappear in my house. And it’s just too easy. The kids can go through a pint of strawberries in the blink of an eye. But that’s kinda the goal.

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3 thoughts on “1/8 cup of chocolate syrup helps the vitamin c and potassium go down.

  1. Only ONE of my kids likes strawberries (and she’s the one that likes most fruit and veggies and I have to force to eat protein most days), but this idea might be worth a try. Chocolate covered ANYTHING is pretty good in my book!

  2. My kids will eat fruit any time day or night, so I’ve been extremely lucky.

    Now if only I could work chocolate into a veggie platter for them… any ideas? 🙂

  3. I should amend my comment with the fact that I personally can’t stand fruit, so this is definitely a good plan for ME since, yes, chocolate does make EVERYTHING better. 😉

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