no more wax, just a little thread

Until about two years ago, I didn’t think too much about my eyebrows. I plucked an obvious stray every once in a while, but for the most part, ehh.

Until September 6, 2008, when my manicurist abruptly told me I needed a brow wax. kinda harsh, but true. So I gave myself an early birthday present. It completely changed my eyes. I didn’t look tired! Even FirstHusband noticed a difference. I decided right then I was never going back to “natural” eyebrows. (BTW, I no longer have a manicurist. I’ve learned to do a better job, faster and cheaper, with no risk of fungus.)

Problem is, I have sensitive skin. When I put benzoyl peroxide on my face, I get a bright red welt. When I use certain moisturizers or eye makeup, my eyes swell and appear very, very tiny. When I get a brow (and lip) wax, I get lots of tiny clear water blisters that take 2 to 3 days to go away.

Nevertheless, I continued to get the waxing, figuring that a few days of blisters was the price I had to pay for arched brows and an “eyelash free” upper lip.

Until I tried threading. No blisters. Similar pricing. Long lasting. Check it out:

I tried threading a few months ago for the first time when I had my upper lip done. Today, I went back for a little “pick me up” and had my brows done too. Love it. Great shape. So fast – I was in and out of there in about 5 minutes! (Locals, I went to the little shop in the Oviedo Mall near the food court, to the left of the escalators. Can’t miss it. $11 for brows, $7 for upper lip, lasts months.)

(NOTE: My upper lip and brow area are bright red after. I make sure to give myself at least 15 to 20 minutes before I have to see humans. The redness is very noticeable.)

I’m probably going to try do it yourself threading for maintenance, but the speed and preciseness of the professionals can’t be beat for shaping. They can do an entire line at once – and they actually get exactly what they aim for. I’m not that good. I’ll be going for the strays, one or two at a time. Here’s the ebay tutorial that gives me the confidence (or cockiness) to try maintenance myself:

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  1. You always find that which totally intrigues me. I’m a plucker after having one waxing done that practically scared me from ever even walking by a salon let alone into one. But the eyebrows are taking over again; the plucking is not doing it. I’m going to have to google threading for my area. Thanks.

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