handlebar or Groucho?

One of FavoriteSon’s most enjoyable pastimes is making jokes about my age.
One of my most enjoyable pastimes is making fun of the bare patches in his wannabe beard.

Me, talking about a new prescription cream for my face: “Supposedly, it will make me look more youthful.”

FavoriteSon: “Good luck with that.”

“Handlebar or Groucho?”

FavoriteSon: “huh?”

Me: “What kind of Sharpie mustache do you want to see when you look in the mirror tomorrow morning, handlebar or Groucho?”

FavoriteSon: “Just fill it in right here” (motioning the middle of his upper lip)

Me: “No hitlers.”

FavoriteSon: “It’s not a hitler! It’s just filling in between what’s already there.”

Me: “You don’t have anything already there.”

3 thoughts on “handlebar or Groucho?

  1. Hilarious. My 16 year old recently participated in “no shave November” which in actuality wasn’t much of a change from other months, just sayin’. We did like teasing him about his beard, or the lack thereof!

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