5 minutes. one counter with magical magnetic properties.

oh, you get to see the ugly now. My last few 5 minute posts have been in line with my goal to spring/deep clean my kitchen, but today’s post is about a DAILY struggle.

I have to believe that my kitchen counter is not the only one with magical magnetic properties. Magical in that it attracts all materials, not just metal.

We’ve got paper, plastic, wood, glass, medicine, vitamins, food items, cleaning supplies, a doorknob (don’t ask), even flat out GARBAGE. Maybe if I put the garbage can ON the counter…

But I digress.

I decided to find out if I could clear it in 5 minutes. If so, maybe it won’t seem like such a daunting task in the future. Maybe if I SEE that I can do it in 5 minutes, I’ll be more likely to do it every day.

Bwahahaha! (in our house, that would be referred to the Zack and Cody laugh. a statement, followed by a brief pause, and then a burst of mocking laughter.)

Did I make it within 5 minutes?

I’ll admit right now that this was challenging, simply due to the distance I had to travel to put some of this stuff where it actually goes. Which is probably WHY it got dumped on the counter in the first place.

Nobody wanted to go the distance.

I did cheat a little bit and put the items that were supposed to go upstairs ON the stairs to carry up the next time I go.

You watch, the next 5 minute post will start with a picture of my cluttered staircase.

What can YOU clean in 5 minutes?

And I just want to state right now, that I am confident that I can not clear my minivan of CARbage in 5 minutes.

UPDATE @ 2:34pm: Right now, there’s only one thing on my kitchen counter. A crock pot full of Cream Cheese Chicken

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5 thoughts on “5 minutes. one counter with magical magnetic properties.

  1. My counter looks a lot like yours and I always tell myself, “It’ll just take a few minutes. Suck it up and do it.” Now if I can get the husband and two kids to chant that with me…

  2. What is it about counters that attract all that stuff? And what is it about men and kids that makes it easier to sit it on the counter than throw it in the trash, even when the counter is 2 feet from the trash? *Sigh* Thanks for offering some humor and encouragement for the every day stuff that we sometimes allow to steal our joy. I try to look at those 5 minute chores as my way of being a servant. Sometimes I just wish I lived with more servants. šŸ™‚ God bless ya, girl!

    1. Jessi – solidarity, sista! But I cannot tell a lie. Some of the stuff on that counter was dumped there by my own hands. I still can’t believe I put a picture of that counter on the internet. Liberating! (by JSM)

  3. I have the exact same long counter and it often looks the exact same way, only it’s always paperwork at the very end. It’s the first surface you hit inside the kitchen door and the most likely to get the mail dumped on. I LOVE it when it’s clean–it makes me feel so happy!

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