facebook fragments: 5/17/14 – 5/23/14 (a circle of life kind of thing)

(Looking back, these facebook posts just don’t seem like the should have been in the same week.)

Sunday, May 17, 2014
PinkGirl and Merida
Merida and PinkGirl May 18 2014

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Prayer warrior friends, please pray for my mother-in-law. She’s been suffering from severe gastroparesis (inability to digest food) for weeks. Every treatment so far has failed. She’s lost over 15 lbs. This evening she’s sitting in an ER waiting on a bed. (since about 5pm) The two remaining treatment options are either an implanted gastric neurostimulators (“stomach pacemaker”) or a feeding tube. Please pray.


My mother-in-law got a bed in the ER 45 minutes ago. Thank you prayer warriors, please don’t stop! She knows you’ve been praying and it’s a comfort.


Thursday, May 22, 2014

If you were one of the prayer warriors praying for my mother-in-law last night, she was admitted and finally got into a bed around midnight after spending HOURS miserable, sitting in the ER waiting room and then more time in the ER. They’re waiting on doctors right now. They have to decide between an implanted gastric neurostimulators (“stomach pacemaker”) or a feeding tube. Please continue to pray for her comfort and relief from the nausea, for wise decisions and successful treatment – and anything else God places on your heart and mind. Thank you so much.

and a comment…

if they do a feeding tube it will bypass the stomach. She was on liquids but I know that when the nausea was bad, she was refusing even water. They’ve tried multiple treatments so far, nothing has worked.


Thinking about praise and worship music this morning. In my personal experience and observation, more people seek God when they are hurting than when they are happy. We should sing praise and we should sing worship, but we can’t forget lament. It draws people to Christ. Lament is not depressing, it reminds us we are not alone.


Sitting in the school parking lot waiting on PinkGirl. She was supposed to get out at 11:30am but decided to stay after school 1.5 hours to attend the optional math lab to prep for her exam tomorrow. Still in there. So thankful for dedicated teachers! ‪#‎ilovemydaughter


Overheard at Target: “Do not hit or I will spank your bottom!” ‪#‎mixedsignals‬


Prayer Warrior Friends, my mother-in-law is not a good candidate for a gastric neurostimulator. They are starting a temporary nasal feeding tube (hoping she can tolerate it), and scheduling surgery for a permanent feeding tube. She’s very, very upset. They’ll be seeing a specialist about the neurostimulator, but again, have already been told she’s not a good candidate. Thank you so much for your prayers, they’ve been an encouragement and comfort to her.


Quizzing PinkGirl for her English exam tomorrow.
Me: “Two kinds of clauses. What are they?”
PinkGirl: “Independent and dependent.”
Me: “Yep. An independent clause is also called?”
PinkGirl: “main clause.”
Me: “and a dependent clause is also called?”
PinkGirl: “….the…’not main’ clause?”
We’ll come back to that.


Friday, May 23, 2014
Peter Pan and Ariel “Rockin their Disney Side” at the 24 hour summer kickoff event at Magic Kingdom. ‪#‎peacelovedisney‬

PinkGirl and PeterPanFan at 24 Hour Summer Kickoff


Not crowded at all! We got here after dinner and they had opened the closest parking lot back up because so many people left. Van is 5 minute walk from Ticket and Transportation Center. We’ll be loving that when it’s time to leave!


Sign for Pirates of Caribbean said 20 Minute wait. Actual wait was 8 minutes.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Posted wait time 30 minutes. From the time they got in line until the moment they walked down the exit ramp, 25 minutes. ‪#‎peacelovedisney


Magic Kingdom used to be so much bigger when I was a kid. ‪#‎peacelovedisney‬


My fitbit zip pedometer reading:

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