Invite those who will be impacted by change to participate in creating it.

When you need to initiate change, I encourage you to strongly consider involving the people who will be impacted by the change.

Invite their participation and genuinely incorporate their ideas and assistance in the process of:

(1) creating the plan for change and
(2) actually doing the work to carry it out.

Could the work be done faster and with less hassle by having one person do it?

In many cases, yes.

Working with others will often take longer.

it can be…messy. and inconvenient.


When process development is participatory, you’ll hear the resistance during the PROCESS instead of during (and sometimes, loooonnngg after) the deployment.

That means you’ll have the opportunity to work THROUGH details instead of spending time, effort and money recovering from problems created by missing them in the first place:

(1) taking into account problems one person working alone might miss and
(2) incorporating ideas one person working alone might not have considered.

Collectively, more people will see more problems, BUT more people will generate more – and often better – ideas because…


A diverse group of people working together will see each other’s blind spots, minimizing risk and building on each other’s ideas, leading to creativity and innovation.

#todaysread and #foodforthought inspired by “Making Conflict Work” by Coleman and Ferguson
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