Driving, Sinuses & Giant Pink Bows.

What I Learned This Week . . .

1. I learned that it is possible for me to make 4 round trips to school in one day.

  1. Drop off.
  2. Take FavoriteSon to the athletic trainer to get a rehab plan for a strained quad and hip flexor he RE-strained after running at yesterday’s track meet – and return him to school to take two quizzes in two classes.
  3. Pick up FavoriteSon just before P.E. – which he can’t participate in anyway – to bring him home so he can crash because his allergies are winning today.
  4. PinkGirl pickup.

2. I learned another reason I love my house. It is 10 minutes from school.

3. I learned that my prescription iron isn’t strong enough.

4. I learned that it is possible to forget to pick up my new iron prescription 4 times in one day.

5. I learned that cold medicine can elevate my blood pressure.

6. I learned to use a Neti Pot to clear my sinuses. Amazing. I was a little concerned about getting saline down my throat and being able to breathe while using it, but it was surprisingly easy. And effective. We own THIS ONE because it has a lid. We actually own two because FirstHusband is a germaphobe and needs his own. With his name on it, so there’s no confusion. FavoriteSon and I just wash the other one after we use it.

7. I learned that I HATE it when a man talks to me like I have a giant pink bow on top of my head. Okay. I already knew that. (That would be the trainer at the track meet yesterday – NOT the trainer I took FavoriteSon to today. The trainer we saw today talks to me like I can understand big words and doesn’t speak in a “sing song” voice.)

8. I learned that, apparently, when a man talks to me like I have a giant pink bow on top of my head, my facial expression may give him the impression that I think he is an idiot. Which is good. Because he stopped. And I didn’t have to actually TELL him to talk to me like I was a man.

Oh. I would have gone there.

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5 thoughts on “Driving, Sinuses & Giant Pink Bows.

  1. Re: Neti Pots – save yourself a bundle and don’t buy the little salt packets, you can get non-iodized sea salt at your favorite grocery store – it is the exact same thing.

  2. If the congestion from my latest cold does not go away soon, I am going to get one of those neti pots. I don’t think I’d have to worry about any one else in my house using it though. They’re all a little squeamish!

  3. I’ve been reading more and more about these neti pots and their uses lately–and before 3 weeks ago, I’d never heard of them.

    Not sure I could do this, but you never know. I did break down and buy two neti sticks. They’re menthol and eucalyptus and remind me of the old Vicks Vaporub inhaler sticks. It clear me for the moment, but doesn’t last all night.

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