Driving, Sinuses & Giant Pink Bows.

What I Learned This Week . . .

1. I learned that it is possible for me to make 4 round trips to school in one day.

  1. Drop off.
  2. Take FavoriteSon to the athletic trainer to get a rehab plan for a strained quad and hip flexor he RE-strained after running at yesterday’s track meet – and return him to school to take two quizzes in two classes.
  3. Pick up FavoriteSon just before P.E. – which he can’t participate in anyway – to bring him home so he can crash because his allergies are winning today.
  4. PinkGirl pickup.

2. I learned another reason I love my house. It is 10 minutes from school.

3. I learned that my prescription iron isn’t strong enough.

4. I learned that it is possible to forget to pick up my new iron prescription 4 times in one day.

5. I learned that cold medicine can elevate my blood pressure.

6. I learned to use a Neti Pot to clear my sinuses. Amazing. I was a little concerned about getting saline down my throat and being able to breathe while using it, but it was surprisingly easy. And effective. We own THIS ONE because it has a lid. We actually own two because FirstHusband is a germaphobe and needs his own. With his name on it, so there’s no confusion. FavoriteSon and I just wash the other one after we use it.

7. I learned that I HATE it when a man talks to me like I have a giant pink bow on top of my head. Okay. I already knew that. (That would be the trainer at the track meet yesterday – NOT the trainer I took FavoriteSon to today. The trainer we saw today talks to me like I can understand big words and doesn’t speak in a “sing song” voice.)

8. I learned that, apparently, when a man talks to me like I have a giant pink bow on top of my head, my facial expression may give him the impression that I think he is an idiot. Which is good. Because he stopped. And I didn’t have to actually TELL him to talk to me like I was a man.

Oh. I would have gone there.

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