uncool mom. cool mom.

What I learned this week:

1. I am not a cool mom.

2. I am a cool mom. FavoriteSon was asked to move up to Varsity Track now that his middle school track season is complete. He was invited to a “track party” the night before the meet. First high school party. We knew the host parents and the coach was going to be there too, so we let him go. When I picked him up around 10pm, I didn’t go up to the door and knock like the other parents. I pulled up outside, parked the car, turned off the headlights and sent him a text message:

“I’m parked outside. Whenever you’re ready. No rush.”

Then I sat in the car and rehearsed Praise Team music for the next morning’s church service. He came out in 15 minutes. I asked him if he preferred the text message or if he would have been okay with me knocking on the door to get him.

Text message. Good to know.

3. What happens at a high school track party. The coach gives a 90 minute testimony and motivational talk. Also good to know. (Both FavoriteSon and the host parents told me.)

4. I need to wear sunscreen to the Varsity Track Meets. They are during the day on Saturdays. Middle School Track Meets are during late afternoon/evening hours.

5. I need to make sure the memory card is in the camera. Before I leave the house to go to a track meet.

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12 thoughts on “uncool mom. cool mom.

  1. You are definitely the cool mom. I’m making mental notes about this stuff – I like the idea of texting to inform you’ve arrived. That’s a great one!

  2. I always had to catch a ride home with someone else LOL You are indeed a cool mom to send a text message — Totally cool.

    Congrats to you son for being able to be on the Varsity Track. Cool for him, too!

  3. Well done. I too text when I go pick my kids up, except I opt for the terse “Here”. Did I mention I am a S L O W texter?

    Speaking of sunscreen, last year one of my sons played in a early soccer tournament, early in the season that is. It was still a little cool, long sleeved weather, not the kind you would normally associate with sunburns. But sunburn, I did. On my hands. Talk about painful! They had stamped a lion paw on the back of hand upon entry, you know, in case I needed to leave. I had a white lion paw on my hand for weeks–or at least until my hands peeled.

    Lisa – The key to fast texting for me is the full keyboard on my Centro. If I had to text on a regular phone, I would use abbreviations. Did the white lion paw get mistaken for a “clue?” (by JSM)

  4. Good tips! I like the idea of texting him. And yes sunscreen is a must at track meets. I coached HS track for years and yes that is a must. Another tip…..learn where the bathrooms are ahead of time. 🙂

  5. I love it when my son calls me the coolest mom ever! I heard it most recently when I gave him a 1:30 AM curfew (he was just at a friends house playing video games). I always wait up for him on the couch – even if I fall asleep while doing so. Well, I was exhausted and really fell asleep (so I didn’t have a chance to be worried). I woke up when he walked in the door at 3:00 AM and apologized profusely. It seems he fell asleep on his friends couch while he “watched” his friends playing. I said “OK, goodnight”. He then, and for the next few days said, “wow, you are the coolest Mom ever”! For the record, if I had been awake at 1:30 and he hadn’t been home yet, I would have called him on his cell and asked if he knew what time it was? You know, teenagers don’t wear watches these days! That’s what cell phones are for!

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