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Since September of 2007, I’ve been working with a personal trainer, focusing on strength training. I had some physical challenges, but since my hysterectomy last year, I’ve been much more consistent and I’m up to three days per week. And I’ve finally gotten to a place where the arthritis in my neck hardly ever necessitates the use of my home traction device. I’m feeling stronger and healthier than I have in a very, very long time and I’m very determined to continue getting stronger as I get older, not weaker.

But I’ve always struggled with maintaining a consistent cardio workout. I like maximizing my time. I like to be pragmatic. So when it came to incorporating cardio into my daily life, I wanted . . .

to multitask:

No nagging – it’s safe – I promise. I only WALK on the treadmill. From 3.3 to 4 miles per hour. I do a little interval training, but no jogging. Doctor’s orders. Just walking. Resting the laptop on the treadmill console worked great – for certain things. Mostly passive, hands-off things. PERFECT for video training. PERFECT for reading onscreen. PERFECT for listening, learning and even rehearsing my praise team music for the week.

Not so perfect for typing. At 3.3 miles per hour, typing was possible, but annoying. And slow. And I was worried that I would knock the laptop off the treadmill because it was perched with the left side higher than the right.

Then I tried this:

Even more annoying. Too tiny. And the touch pad – with no independent buttons for clicking – ANNOYING. I was constantly clicking AWAY from things I wanted to click ON. arrg.

Then, Saturday morning, I asked my husband to think about what modifications could be made to provide a more stable surface for my laptop. I would also like room to put the house phone, my cell phone, the tv and cable remotes (in case I wanted to watch TV instead), a bottle of water and a small towel.

oh, don’t worry. He knew I was high maintenance when he married me.

Look what my man can do with $10, some power tools and a few hours!

I’m LOVING this! Stable, with plenty of room and it even has a cutout so I can see the console panel. I still need to paint it, but it’s been three days and I absolutely LOVE it! In addition to the hands free tasks, I can type!!! So easy! I can facebook, tweet and blog, all while walking. The time FLIES by!

The TV is mostly for FirstHusband and FavoriteSon (in case you’re new to Compendium, that would be my ONLY husband and my ONLY son). They use the small TV directly in front of the treadmill to play video games. It’s hooked up as a second monitor to the game system and larger TV on the other side of the room. It’s also hooked up to the cable box, so we can watch TV too.

Now THIS is a sustainable cardio workout. What kind of sustainable workout routine works for you?

BTW, I just counted almost FIFTY treadmills listed on the Central Florida Craigslist since MONDAY. Just in case you’re interested.

and just in case you missed this video earlier this week . . .

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2 thoughts on “blogging, tweeting & facebooking. on the treadmill.

  1. I love your new surface! And what a handy man you must have (LOL about the high maintenance!)

    The video? OUCH.

    Tina – Yep. That video leaves me with absolutely NO excuses. Nuthin. (by JSM)

  2. I am showing that pic to my man. I too prop my laptop while walking on the treadmill. It’s precarious but works. That little set up will be much better. Maybe it will even be a project for my Boy Scouts. Lightbulb!

    Elle – You GO girl! (by JSM)

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