a riddle.

What do you get when a kid puts her Bible in the same school cubby as a forgotten banana?

Come on parents, you know this one . . .

Answer: a new Bible.

(On the bright side, she’s ready to recite James 1:1-12 for her Bible quiz today.)

One thought on “a riddle.

  1. Oh, Ewww! We had that happen with a fairly-brand-new backpack. I scrubbed that sucker, and put it through the washing machine (illegally) and even air dried it in the dryer. TaDa! No need for a new one. On the downside, no bible memorization!

    Tina – I’ve put plastic/vinyl little girl purses in the dishwasher myself. The Bible was a gonner – unless you never wanted to read Genesis ever again. And of course, there was the smell . . . (by JSM)

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