550 Reps? Can I really do this?

My niece did this workout in 17.08 minutes today.

Let me just say: ouch.

and tomorrow, DOUBLE ouch.

Zuzana, the girl in this video, did it in 32.46. If I attempt this workout, I will NOT be posting my time. no, no, no, no. That last exercise, one leg wall squat, will leave me crying like a little girl.

Here’s a link with a breakdown of the workout and a photo of each exercise. 550 Rep Fat Massacre Great name for a workout.

I’ll admit, I’m freakishly drawn to give this a try, but I’m going to need some accountability to finish it. Maybe FavoriteSon will do it with me.

Anybody up for it?

2 thoughts on “550 Reps? Can I really do this?

  1. Tina – He may be all muscle, but I usually have more stubbornness and determination. It evens out in workouts. As of two weeks ago, he still couldn’t take me at arm wrestling. I didn’t win, but he called it off in the middle, so… (by JSM)

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