God gave her to me on purpose.

PinkGirl spent nearly an HOUR crying last night. About E.V.E.R.Y.thing. She went from one problem to the next, never stopping, sometimes overlapping. When, between tragedies, I suggested that she might be exhausted, she said,

“Mom, sometimes I just need to exhale all my emotions.”

God gave her to me on purpose.

I’m so thankful she’s so self-aware and articulate.

During PinkGirl’s uncontrollable tearfest, one of the many, many things she was crying about:

“and technology is going to replace books!!!! (weepy hiccups) That’s why Borders closed. People are going to stop buying books and everybody’s just gonna have Kindles!!! (each syllable in the word Kindle lasted about 10 full seconds – more weeping).

Me: “Hey, now that’s not true. What did I get in the mail JUST TODAY?”

PinkGirl: “boookssss” (pause for more hiccups) “But, how did you order them?”

I feel the need to spend some time at (a brick and mortar) BAM.


One thought on “God gave her to me on purpose.

  1. Please tell your daughter that I love books and I’m not buying a kindle. I have to hold a book in my hand and flip the pages. I like the smell of books and the curiousity of where it’s been(used books). And if everyone DOES buy a kindle- that means books will be cheaper for us. 🙂

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