the foundation of my work ethic. “Would you like fries with that?”

My daughter was lounging around the house in a circa 1970s McDonalds uniform last night. The neon green version.

Attractive, I know.

She’s got a decade project due this week, so we’ve been in the attic. And now she wants to wear this to school. Her brother wore the SAME uniform to school for 70’s Day during spirit week in middle school (and won first place for that day.)

Some kids have no fear. so. much. polyester.

This was the job I got at 16 to make the $53 a month car payment on my 1971 Mustang. I did everything: counter, drive thru, grill, hostess, opening, closing, birthday parties, I even started manager training before I came to my senses and decided to finish college. I worked there from 1980 to 1983, back when the employees made double cheeseburgers before they were on the menu. These uniforms had been worn for years before.

Wasn’t I lucky to work at the “green” McDonalds? (And green has a totally different meaning in this context than it does today.) I wanted the deep blue. Or at least the baby blue. But the green was SOOO much better than the brown/maroon.

Anybody else remember the 7 steps for taking a customer order at McDonalds “back in the day?”

1. Smile and Greet the Customer
2. Take the Order/Repeat the Order
3. Suggestive Sell
4. Assemble the Order
5. Accept the payment
6. Present the Order
7. Thank them and ask them to Come Again.

What’d I tell you? Foundation of my work ethic.

4 thoughts on “the foundation of my work ethic. “Would you like fries with that?”

  1. McDonald’s was my second job. The summer before college. Yes, it did convince me to go to college and study. But it also taught me to respect people who work at jobs with little respect. It taught me just because you are the manger it does not mean you know everything and a bit of respect toward people will go a long way in making your store function well. Acutally I learned all that initially while working at a store named Field’s (similar to a K-mart). It also taught me a big neon sign, a LARGE menue and a national campaign can not stop people from ordering a Whopper at 12:30 at night. And last but not least – Would you like a pie with that ?

    1. S – “taught me to respect people who work at jobs with little respect.” SO true. EVERYone deserves respect. Besides, I’ve seen what some food services workers do to food before they give it to a nasty customer. And I remember Fields! “Zayre” was another one. (by JSM)

  2. Making hoagies at 15 and getting paid under the counter was my first. Ponderosa steak house was my 2nd. Oh, the joys of paying for the 1st car and gas!

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