Fine is a Four Letter Word.

Don’t listen to condescending voices of marginalization and mediocrity. Voices that say you don’t have to work as hard as you do, because less is “just fine.” Those voices don’t recognize that the unnecessary extra time you take and the unneeded effort you expend lead to a result they describe as “fine.” It doesn’t occur to them that less effort and less time would knock “fine” down to…less than fine.
Consider that when the voices continue to tell you that you don’t have to work so hard to be good at what you do, they let you know time and time again how little they know you or how little respect they have for your determination to give your best.

Don’t listen to voices that tell you that you shouldn’t work as hard as you do because it makes other people look bad. When you’re gone, it will be evident that you weren’t the reason someone else wasn’t succeeding. When others continue to contribute the minimum and complain because they think they are entitled to more opportunities even though they continue to prove they can’t be depended upon, it will be evident that you weren’t hogging their opportunities and stealing their affirmation.

Don’t listen to voices that ask you to step back. To say less. do less. give less. and be less.

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the foundation of my work ethic. “Would you like fries with that?”

My daughter was lounging around the house in a circa 1970s McDonalds uniform last night. The neon green version.

Attractive, I know.

She’s got a decade project due this week, so we’ve been in the attic. And now she wants to wear this to school. Her brother wore the SAME uniform to school for 70’s Day during spirit week in middle school (and won first place for that day.)

Some kids have no fear. so. much. polyester.

This was the job I got at 16 to make the $53 a month car payment on my 1971 Mustang. I did everything: counter, drive thru, grill, hostess, opening, closing, birthday parties, I even started manager training before I came to my senses and decided to finish college. I worked there from 1980 to 1983, back when the employees made double cheeseburgers before they were on the menu. These uniforms had been worn for years before.

Wasn’t I lucky to work at the “green” McDonalds? (And green has a totally different meaning in this context than it does today.) I wanted the deep blue. Or at least the baby blue. But the green was SOOO much better than the brown/maroon.

Anybody else remember the 7 steps for taking a customer order at McDonalds “back in the day?”

1. Smile and Greet the Customer
2. Take the Order/Repeat the Order
3. Suggestive Sell
4. Assemble the Order
5. Accept the payment
6. Present the Order
7. Thank them and ask them to Come Again.

What’d I tell you? Foundation of my work ethic.