you see the big hat too . . . right?

Ever try to describe the behavior of a passive-aggressive person to someone else? Inevitably, you come off sounding petty. And a little crazy. There's disbelief: "No way. That doesn't seem like them." There's doubt: "Are you sure? Maybe you misunderstood." There's advice: "You should talk to them about it. They probably have no idea you … Continue reading you see the big hat too . . . right?

step away from the puppy.

Warning: Sometimes, emotional bullies wear puppy suits. wounded puppy suits. And when you pay attention to them, the whimpering doesn't get softer, it gets louder. and louder and louder... They require more and more of your time and attention. You can't make them happy. You aren't the reason they're UNhappy. But if you don't give … Continue reading step away from the puppy.