I’m having a major childhood flashback.


That nut doesn’t fall far from the tree.

I just caught her reading in bed. 10 years old. 10:43pm on a school night. She’s just started reading The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 5) and she BEGGED me not to make her stop till she gets past “the good part.”

Oh, I remember that. Except I used to hide under the blanket with a flashlight. She has a reading light clipped to a shelf next to her bed.

I understand. And while part of me is upset with her for still being awake, part of me is over the top THRILLED that she loves to read this much. She’s going to love reading her whole life.

Call me a bad mom. I don’t care. I said: “You may NOT be mean to me in the morning and you WILL get up EXACTLY when I ask you to. Get to a stopping point fast.”

11:02pm. I just heard the reading light being turned off.

2 thoughts on “I’m having a major childhood flashback.

  1. GO PINKGIRL! We thought our youngest had diabetes or some other disease because she was going to bed at 7, getting up at 7, and still exhausted – for weeks. Turns out that headlamp flashlight my sister got her for Christmas to use for CAMPING? Totally being used under the covers at night. BUSTED! We’re the only parents I know who punish our kids by telling them they are not allowed to read! (-:

    1. Debbie – LOL!!! That is so GREAT! I hid under the covers to read SO MUCH as a kid. And I remember how upset I got and how long it took me to get to sleep when I got a book confiscated after getting caught. I just can’t do it to her. (by JSM)

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