exercise make-up day: 10:47am

8:30am – Declaration!
I’ve slacked all week on being a good steward of this body God has blessed me with.

Didn’t want to, but got dressed in workout clothes first thing. Today must be a catch up day. MUST.
The plan is to nick away at it all day. at least 6 miles, two at a time. along with the push-ups, tricep kickbacks, back extensions and oblique crunches.

there. I’ve typed it out loud. now I have to do it.

10:25am – accountability update
Two (6.5) incline miles down. (interval miles, even!)
TMI: if I’m going to spread these workouts over my entire day, I’m gonna need to include showers in the plan. “glistening” is for wimps.

10:47 – accountability update
10 BOSU push-ups,
15 tricep reps,
15 back extentions,
15 oblique crunches.

Got to get some “work” work done now. Then, round two!

Who else is working on being a good steward of these bodies God has blessed us with today?

One thought on “exercise make-up day: 10:47am

  1. I did! As we were walking, I was ranting about having slacked off for these past two weeks (month). Today we walked 4 miles AND did a 20 minute video on TV (never mind I had to stop several times during the video due to nausea). Weighed in at 1.5 pounds less than my last weigh-in 2 weeks ago. Progress, even while being a slacker!
    I also realized today that one cannot BS their way into losing weight. It takes hard work and discipline, plain and simple. Rude awakening for someone who is used to half-rearending it usually.

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