where philanthropy falls short.

I was recently part of a discussion about a church supported service project. A number of different ideas were on the table, none of them mine. The project itself wasn't my priority. They were all good ideas. All needed. All would "do good." My concern, what I had been thinking and praying about for over … Continue reading where philanthropy falls short.

toxic concoction.

I got cocky. I thought I could logically justify my faith in God. You'll find some Christians who'll tell you they can do it. not me. not anymore. When someone told me my faith was illogical, irrational and unreasonable, I bristled. Or should I say, my ego bristled? I challenged them to prove it. They … Continue reading toxic concoction.

the donkey is busy.

It's taken me months to nail down the problem. WHY did I shut down after publishing my "Christ-centered church" series? I couldn't even think about public speaking. In most interpersonal conversations, I didn't go near a discussion about faith. I couldn't write a word in "my" book. I couldn't even open the document. Anything I … Continue reading the donkey is busy.

I want me to want You.

yes. I did just sing that to the tune of a Cheap Trick song. But I'm talking to God: Lord, I want to wake up every morning aware of an innate desire for intimacy with YOU. I want to delight in YOU. but I don't. I call myself a Christian. but I can't remember ever, … Continue reading I want me to want You.

church: THERE. IS. MORE.

This is the 15th post of a series. I started out telling a chronological story, but got derailed before I could get past August of 2012. I've addressed the derailing tangent to death. I'm tired of talking about something I wasn't even talking about. I'm skipping WAY ahead in my story. Maybe I'll get back … Continue reading church: THERE. IS. MORE.

The “Visitors”

This is the 13th post of a series. Hopefully, this is the LAST post on the turn or burn evangelism tangent that completely hijacked my original point. Next post, I'm back on topic. If you need to catch up or review, CLICK HERE to view a page listing all the posts in the series. When … Continue reading The “Visitors”

evangelism is like halloween.

yep. You read that right. evangelism is like Halloween. oh, that's bound to get me in trouble. I can hear it: "sacrilege!" "blasphemy!" "heathen!" or maybe you're thinking I've completely lost it. evangelism. is like Halloween? For those of you who will click away because you don't have time to read a crazy woman's blog, … Continue reading evangelism is like halloween.

I made a mistake.

I've been telling a story. My mistake was that I started at the beginning. I should have started by stating my premise and then worked my way backward. I attempted to chronicle what God had revealed to me and how. Telling the story in the order the events took place was not a good idea. … Continue reading I made a mistake.

“Christ-centered Church.” I do not think it means what you think it means.

This is the 9th post of a series. CLICK HERE to view a page listing all the posts in the series. oh, go ahead. click the youtube video. It's 7 seconds. Lemme 'splain. No, there is too much. Lemme sum up. When I talk about "preaching Christ" I am NOT talking about preaching "everybody is … Continue reading “Christ-centered Church.” I do not think it means what you think it means.

the gospel is more than evangelism.

I've been telling a story these last 8 blog posts. I got through August of 2012. But I have to interrupt myself. The story can wait. Today, my pastor preached Christ. and I mean he PREACHED Christ. In his words, "TESTIFY!" Today, my pastor preached an evangelical sermon. Not one person left my church today … Continue reading the gospel is more than evangelism.