conversations with the kids.

I’ve got two new posts up over at Commotion, but I thought I’d save readers the click. Here they are:

3rd grade cooties.

PinkGirl: Me and BFFN like the same boy.

Mom and Dad together: ehhhh . . .

Dad: That’s not good.

PinkGirl: No, it’s okay, me and BFFN are best friends so we’re just going to talk about him and pretend we hate him, like we always do.

Mom and Dad share a look and a grin over her oblivious head. Well, okay, then. As long as she has a plan.

and then with 14 year old FavoriteSon:

the chance to be an idiot WILL present itself.

Me: “FavoriteSon, I’m kinda concerned about the idea that you would go away to college without a transition period after going to a small, private Christian school your entire life.”

FavoriteSon: “I’ll be fine.” (with the “rolling eyes at mom” tone of voice)

Me: You don’t know that. The change from living at home and being in a sheltered environment to living on your own and in an environment without much outside accountability will be a huge change for you. Some kids don’t handle their new freedom very well.

FavoriteSon: “I’ll be fine.” (more “rolling eyes” tone of voice)

Me: “Yeah, well, you haven’t been in a situation where you’ve had a chance to be an idiot yet.”

“I’ve had plenty of chances to be an idiot, I promise you.”

Me: “True. But I mean with cars. And girls.”

Without skipping a beat –

FavoriteSon: “I promise I won’t drive a car into a girl’s house. (pause) While she’s home.”

Then the grin. I love the grin.