exercise make-up day: 4:11pm

Check out this morning’s “exercise make-up day: 10:47am” post to see how the morning went…

arrrgg. I got on the treadmill too late to complete my next 2 miles. I’m only at 1.39 miles (in 24 minutes). Have to leave the house to pick up PinkGirl from play rehearsal and finish up when I get back.
But I’m okay with that. I could have looked at the clock and blown off the 1.39 miles because I couldn’t finish my goal of walking 2.

Back on the treadmill as soon as I returned home. Finished up that 2nd mile . . . and, since I was already on the treadmill, I added another mile.

Finished my second “make-up” set of strength training exercises for the day.
10 BOSU push-ups,
15 tricep reps,
15 back extentions,
15 oblique crunches.

Running Total for Today: Walked 5 interval, (6.5) incline miles, 20 BOSU push-ups, 30 tricep reps, 30 back extentions, 30 oblique crunches…(so far, day’s not over!)

Got to get some more “real” work done before 5pm. Then, round three!

Who else is working on being a good steward of these bodies God has blessed us with today?

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