fitness update: 6/24/11


If you’ve been around Compendium before, you know my goal: To be a good steward of this body God has blessed me with.

I fell behind on my fitness goals this past week and woke up determined to devote much of my day to catching up a little. It wore me down, but with God’s help, I got through it.

Today (06/24/11)
Walked 7 miles in three separate stints of 2 miles, 3 miles and 2 miles,
3 two minute planks,
30 BOSU push-ups,
45 tricep reps,
45 back extensions,
45 oblique crunches

June Totals as of 6/24
Incline Miles Walked: 35 (should be at 42)
Flat Miles Walked: 2
Strength Training/Yoga Days: 0 (should be at 6)
2 Minute Planks: 18 (should be at 24)
Back Extensions: 215 (should be at 240)
BOSU Pushups: 170 (should be at 240)
Tricep Reps: 200 (should be at 240)
Oblique Crunches: 115 each side (not on the goal list, just working on the love handles)
Days Supplements Taken: 13 (should be at 16)
Fruit Servings: 28 (should be at 32)

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