because she can’t.

I’m blessed.

Today, I’m specifically reminded that I’m blessed because God has revealed to me – not through my OWN trials – but through my empathy for others experiencing trials – how blessed I am to be alive, to be able to get out of bed every morning on my own, without assistance. How often I take that for granted.

I’m blessed because this OVERWHELMING awareness motivates me to STRIVE to be a good steward of this body God has blessed me with.

Today, I’m exercising because this sister in Christ can’t. (Click HERE to find out who I’m talking about)

Think you need a gym membership, the latest workout DVD, or some special equipment?


You need shoes.

Put on a comfortable pair of walking shoes. Then say to yourself: “Well, I’ve already got my shoes on, I might as well step outside.”

Then open your door and walk to your mailbox. The end of your driveway. To the parking lot of your apartment building.

Then, turn around, look toward your front door and say to yourself: “Well, I’m already out here, I might as well walk for a minute.

Tomorrow, do it all again, but walk for two minutes. Rinse and repeat, adding a minute every day until you get to 20. Pay attention to the world God has blessed us with. Feel the wind on your face, the sun on your (SPF protected) skin and thank God for your body and the blessing of being able to walk.

Micro-actions have cumulative effects. Walking builds stamina and strength, and paying attention to the miracles in the world around you can bring spiritual renewal through gratitude and praise.

And the endorphins don’t hurt, either.

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