discouraged in your job search? rest. but don’t give up.

Every once in a while, I spend a few hours reviewing all the current job postings listed by a growing collection of organizations I have bookmarked. Although I’m usually prompted to do this research because I happen to be working with someone in particular and am looking specifically for them, I NEVER fail to stumble across job postings that seem to be a good fit for someone I’ve worked with in the past. It only takes a minute or so to copy the link into an email to them with a “saw this and thought of you” subject line and message.

I’ve been doing this for years and here’s the thing. It’s very rare for someone to reply and tell me they had already seen the posting. More often than not, when they reply to thank me for sending the link, they tell me they haven’t been looking. The reasons vary, but at the core,

discouragement is sabotaging their job search.

If this is happening to you, please DON’T GIVE UP. Go ahead and keep sifting through those daily emails from indeed and continue to peruse job postings on LinkedIn, but don’t forget about postings on the websites of individual organizations.

I’m not naive enough to think that this one change alone will guarantee you’ll land the job you’ve been looking for. But I guarantee you’ll find opportunities you didn’t know about before.

you inspire me. no matter what.

you inspire me. yes, I mean YOU.
If you are overcoming challenges, you inspire me to persevere.
If you are making a positive difference, you inspire me to join you.
If you are killin it, you inspire me to work harder.
If you are consistent, you inspire me to develop discipline.
If you are gracious, you inspire me to be kind and patient.
If you help someone, you inspire me to pay it forward.
If you give, you inspire me to be generous.
If you are discouraged, you inspire me to encourage.
If you are heartbroken, you inspire me to be compassionate.
If you face a problem, you inspire me to learn.
If you are struggling, you inspire me to equip.
If you are striving, you inspire me to edify.
If you judge, you inspire me to investigate.
If you generalize, you inspire me to acknowledge nuance.
If you oversimplify, you inspire me to sort out complexity.
If you blame others, you inspire me to take responsibility.
If you complain, you inspire me to take action.
If you hate me, you inspire me to forgive.
If you mock someone, you inspire me to stand up for them.
If you dehumanize someone, you inspire me to #seepeople.
If you point out the negative, you inspire me to recognize the positives.
If you misjudge me, you inspire me to prove you wrong through consistent word and action, rather than explanation or argument.

you inspire me. no matter what. whether you recognize your actions on this list or whether I’ve missed noting them. you inspire me.

because everyone is #justadifferentkindofbroken and even when we “miss the mark” God has been redeeming the failures of broken people since the beginning of time.

including me.