never underestimate the influence of little things.

I had a horrible, horrible dream a few weeks ago. horrible. In this dream, my daughter was being stalked. And NOTHING we did could stop the stalker. If you've read my blog before or follow me on facebook, you already know my daughter LOVES people. Genuinely, empathetically, compassionately, passionately loves people. She gets a high … Continue reading never underestimate the influence of little things.

seasoned with salt.

Be salt and light. Matthew 5:13-16

If you profess Christianity, please be careful in your discussions about controversial issues today. Please don't be arrogant. You're never going to change someone's mind when you're words are laced with arrogance or contempt. What's your goal? You don't have to try and get someone to agree with your point, but you can introduce doubt … Continue reading seasoned with salt.