fitness update: 6/12/11


If you’ve been around Compendium before, you know my goal: To be a good steward of this body God has blessed me with.

Even with the best of intentions, I still slack – for days at a time. But I’m DETERMINED to catch up! I pray my stupidity and lack of consistency, combined with my stubborn nature, will be an encouragement to someone!

June Totals as of 6/12
Incline Miles Walked: 15
Flat Miles Walked: 1
Strength Training/Yoga Days: 0
2 Minute Planks: 9
Back Extensions: 100
BOSU Pushups: 100
Tricep Reps: 110
Oblique Crunches: 30 each side
Days Supplements Taken: 8
Fruit Servings: 11

June Daily Totals: (SEE JUNE GOALS HERE)

06/12/11 – 2 two minute planks, 10 BOSU push-ups, 25 tricep reps, 10 back extensions, 10 oblique crunches
06/11/11 – Walked 5 (6.5) incline miles, 40 BOSU push-ups, 2 two minute planks, 40 tricep reps, 40 back extensions,
                20 oblique crunches (each side)
06/10/11 – nuthin – I’m
06/09/11 – nuthin – gonna
06/08/11 – nuthin – regret
06/07/11 – nuthin – this…
06/06/11 – Walked 2 (6.5) incline miles, 20 back extensions, 30 BOSU push-ups, 3 two minute planks, 45 tricep reps
06/05/11 –
06/04/11 – Walked 4 (6.5) incline miles, 30 back extensions, 20 BOSU push-ups, 2 two minute forearm planks
06/03/11 –
06/02/11 – Walked 4 (6.5) incline interval miles, 2 one minute superman, 2 two minute forearm plank.
06/01/11 –

2 thoughts on “fitness update: 6/12/11

  1. you can do it! i HATE being behind on things… but you can do it!
    ps and unrelated: you inspire me on many accounts. I implemented your filing system a year or two ago, and paperwork no longer takes over my life. THANK YOU. it is so freeing.


    1. THANK YOU! You just motivated me to do my plank, push-ups, tricep reps, and back extensions! I even threw in my oblique crunches too! It’s been a long day and I was going to skip it. Then I read your comment and just over five tiny minutes later and I did everything but my walking – which I’ll work on tomorrow! Thanks again! (by JSM)


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