June Fitness: progress, not perfection.


If you’ve been around Compendium before, you know my goal: To be a good steward of this body God has blessed me with.

Because my personal fitness history shows I can’t be trusted and that I desperately need the motivation of accountability, I put my June fitness goals out here on the internet and have been blogging, facebooking and tweeting my progress.

How did I do? I didn’t meet all my goals.


But I’m STRONGER than I was a month ago!

June Totals
6.5% Incline Miles Walked: 52 – GOAL!
Strength Training/Yoga Days: 0 (FAIL. NOT. ONE. DAY. Sad and pitiful.)
2 Minute Planks: 30 – GOAL!
Back Extensions: 300 – GOAL!
BOSU Pushups: 300 – GOAL!
Tricep Reps: 315 – EXCEEDED GOAL BY 15!
Oblique Crunches: 205 (not on the goal list, just working on the love handles)
Days Supplements Taken: 16 (14 days short of goal)
Fruit Servings: 34 (26 short of goal)

(See the daily JUNE ENTRIES HERE)

I’ve just about decided on July’s goals and I’ve decided I need to shorten the window of accountability from a month to a week, so I’ve also decided to join Ragamuffin Soul (Carlos Whitaker) and An Idol Heart (Grant Jenkins) in their 12 week quest to “get their sexy back.”

They’re asking for WEEKLY check-ins. It appears I need that, or I may continue in my pattern of slacking an entire week and flippin KILLING myself to make it up. I’m slightly stubborn.

(“sexyback11?” I know. Guys can relate ANYthing to sex, even exercise and dieting) Kind of annoying that every post is supposed to have the “sexyback11” hashtag. I have to override my computer’s parental controls EVERY time I read someone’s sexyback11 update.)

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