eek! only two days left…


to meet my June fitness goals!

If you’ve been around Compendium before, you know my goal: To be a good steward of this body God has blessed me with.

(1) where I am and
(2) what I need to do within the next two days if I have ANY hope of meeting my goals:

June Totals as of 6/28
Incline Miles Walked: 46 (need 6 more miles)
Strength Training/Yoga Days: 0 (need 8 – obviously not gonna happen)
2 Minute Planks: 26 (need 4 more)
Back Extensions: 265 (need 35 more)
BOSU Pushups: 250 (need 50 more)
Tricep Reps: 280 (need 20 more)
Oblique Crunches: 180 (not on the goal list, just working on the love handles)
Days Supplements Taken: 15 (didn’t make this goal, seriously, how hard is this?)
Fruit Servings: 28 (wanted to be at 60 for the month)

(See the daily JUNE ENTRIES HERE)

I’m already thinking about July’s goals and I’m thinking about joining Ragamuffin Soul (Carlos Whitaker) and An Idol Heart (Grant Jenkins) in their 12 week quest to “get their sexy back.”

(it would seem that guys can relate ANYthing to sex, even exercise and dieting) I have to override my computer’s parental controls every time I read someone’s update because they’re using the hashmark “sexyback11” on everything!

2 thoughts on “eek! only two days left…

  1. Well, I would say that if you break it down to each different goal individually, it is not as intimidating. Actually, that is something else I learned from you. Microactions, I think they’re called. You can totally meet your goals. Maybe not all (I definitely would not have 32 pieces of fruit tomorrow – that would be BAD news ;)), but some! You can meet some of them! Little here, two minutes there. You’ve got this. And… if it so happens tomorrow is a bust, take a look at the things you HAVE completed. You’re doing awesome.

    ps thank you for your encouragement. 🙂

  2. “I definitely would not have 32 pieces of fruit tomorrow – that would be BAD news” LOL!! Seriously, I did! I’m so close. The plan is to get ONE day of yoga in, obviously tomorrow. Already thinking about July goals…

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